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Our mission is to help you succeed as a professional writer. By staying informed and updated about your field, and connecting with other writers, you will acquire a wealth of information, tips and tools to help you build a foundation, continue your success, grow as a professional writer, and reach new goals.PWA.jpg

Our exclusive network of professional writers aims to inspire, connect, and promote learning and sharing about the field. Our mission is to support professional writing standards in the profession, to help new writers learn the ropes, and to help seasoned writers reach new goals and earn a professional wage through their talent.


The Professional Writers Association is for freelance writers who are working toward being a professional writer, individuals who currently are, copywriting agencies, etc. The main writing focus includes the areas of:

-         business writing

-         publicity writing

-         copywriting

-         freelance writing

- travel writers

-         magazine and newspaper writing

-         books

-     grant writing

-         speeches

- blog writing

-         media releases

-         newsletters

-         white papers

-         annual reports

-         brochure and advertising copy

-         marketing and sales copy

-         Web content writing

-         multimedia writing

-         training manuals

-         technical writing

- freelance writing

-         television and radio scripts

-         And more!


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